Year-end cleaning and the art of the upcycle

So, I’m lucky enough to get two weeks off at Christmas…I’m a teacher…trust me, I need it. We celebrate and then I get on a tear and want to clean everything and try to organize (which will last approximately one month).  Now, most people would throw things out or donate them and I do a good bit of that but I also find some treasures to upcycle into my purses, bags, totes and other goodies. The cleaning “leftovers” go from here:


To here:image

And every once in a while, you hit the mother lode…like this linen jacket my husband got about eight years ago and it has always been WAY too big, but we kept it and now it will make a darling spring bag.


I also love a good bargain and although the majority of my stash comes from Goodwill or my closet or anyone else’s closet, I also love to rummage through the remnant bin a Joann Fabrics. Today I found some keepers and did my best to pair them with something in my stash to create a few cute purses.

imageThis zebra stripe could go with a white health care jacket….

Okay…but boring.

imageBetter with an old shirt that is too tight.


This sparkly felt seemed destined to be paired somehow with a velour maternity shirt that I attempted to refashion into a jacket then decided it was a little too grandmotherly…

Next was an adorable herringbone flannel. I have big ideas for this beauty. I think I might go total contrast on this one and use these satiny old jammy pants as the lining.

imageJust have to avoid the crazy laundry stains… image

Last, but certainly not least, I found a theatre-major’s (that would be me) dream today.

image That is FABRIC people! Not sure what to do with that yet but it will be good. I promise.

Point being, if you’re crafty, look a little closer at the clutter, dig in the after-Christmas bargain bin and plan something fun. Keep checking back here and you’ll see what I mean.


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